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Caligari top - black eco-friendly fabric

Caligari top - black eco-friendly fabric

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This top is very fun to wear in the summer time at the festival, or when you want to feel casual and stylish at the same time.

This top is made from lyocell fabric.
Lyocell is an eco-friendly fabric that provides exceptional comfort, while also being pretty great for the planet. It is made from wood (in the case of TENCEL, from sustainable sources) and is therefore, biodegradable and compostable.

This fabric is breathable, strong and gentle on skin with a soft, silky texture. We have washed and pre-shrunk this fabric for easy maintenance.

We have created this top in two different sizes, because we do not believe in ''one size fits all''.
Size 1 will suits most people from XS to XL.
Size 2 will suits wider shoulders (around 19 inches wide), taller person etc.

Arm hole for size 1: 11 inches wide
Arm hole for size 2: 13 inches wide

Length is 21 inches long.
Neckhole is 33 inches.


100% Lyocell

Model measurement

Model is 34'', 27'' and 36''.
She is 5'3'' tall and wears size 1.

Care Instructions

Handwash your garment in cold soapy water is preferred. Rinse Thoroughly.

When using a washing machine, first turn your garments inside out. Separate your garments by color and pick a delicate cycle.

Hang to dry. Avoid putting in the dryer. The colors and density of the fabric will be altered.

Gently iron your garment with middle heat steam.

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